Istanbul: Day 7

Our last full day in Istanbul! Boo! We started it out by visiting the Istanbul Archaeological Museums. The was a lot of stuff. A lot of it was very old. I think they were undergoing some renovation, or maybe they just desperately need to, because it seemed very crammed together and overwhelming. Seeing one or two 6,000 year-old jugs seems like a treat because you'd imagine they'd be very rare. It seems like less of a treat when they're flanked by two dozen others. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but we found ourselves moving through the exhibits fairly quickly, even though some of them were quite interesting.

We spent the afternoon exploring the Grand Bazaar. I don't think I took any pictures for fear that any pause in purposeful pacing would result in my immediately being accosted by the nearest salesman. Still, it was fun to see all the sights!

A few highlights of the evening were the crescent moon hanging out in the perfect spot just above the roof of a mosque and some band covering Beyonce while being carted up and down Istiklal Caddesi on a trolley. A picture of the former and a video (of course!) of the latter follow.