Istanbul: Day 6

Whew! Big break in updates. Sorry! Combination of being super sick, super lazy, and a little bit of being overwhelmed by the this post. On Day 6 we visited the Topkapi Palace. This was the primary residence for the Ottoman sultans for around 400 years and is a massive place (hence being a bit overwhelming). It's funny to start out being completely awed by a place and end up being exhausted of yet more examples of the most beautiful tiles you've ever seen. I'll just jump right into pictures, leaving most of my commentary to their captions.

We weren't allowed photographs in some parts of the Topkapi museum. Particularly in the areas with holy relics. I won't go into too much detail on those, but I will share at least some snark: it was certainly impressive that they were able to assemble so many swords of the prophet's companions and other artifacts you would imagine to have been lost to time. Fortuitous.

After the Topkapi Palace I'm not entirely sure what we did. I think had lunch? Or maybe we went directly to the Blue Mosque. Either way, we eventually ended up at the aforementioned, though were initially turned away as it was prayer time (the Blue Mosque is still active). We wandered around outside for a bit to kill time before being let in, taking a few more pictures.

Finally, we headed to Altan Sekerleme (a fairly famous, family-owned candy store that is apparently something of an Istanbul institution). We tried some of the Turkish delight (delightful!), but I think I may have been most impressed with the Jordan almonds, which actually had a substantial (and delicious) chocolate component. They also had some delicious gummy candy which Grace and I shared while waiting on the metro (and taking embarrassing pictures of each other).