Singapore Day 4: Singapore Flyer

We started out our last day in Singapore by going to the Singapore Flyer (on Wikipedia), until recently the world's tallest Ferris wheel (the record is now held by the High Roller in Las Vegas). The motto is truly groan-worthy: "A moving experience at every turn." Still, we thought the views would be worth it. We were mostly right, though it was quite hazy, so our pictures didn't turn out very well. Apparently the haze is caused by forest fires in Indonesia?

I guess this is pretty standard for giant Ferris wheels, but the capsules don't actually stop for people to get on. Instead, the wheel turns slowly enough that you just sort of hop on while it's in motion. Like something out of an action movie, just at 1/10 the speed and with a net below in case you fall.

After the Flyer we wandered around the esplanade area, mostly feeling hot and overexposed to the sun. We headed to the Asian Civilizations Museum, but once we got there didn't really feel like going in for more than just a break from the heat. After sitting in the lobby for a few minutes, we moved on, finding a 7/11 (yay Slurpees!) and encountering some interesting statues.

Slurpees in hand, we spent an hour or so reading up on Singapore via Wikipedia (we had realized we didn't know much about the city besides what we had experienced ourselves). Lots of interesting facts, including that 1 in 6 Singaporeans is a millionaire, excluding real estate. Nuts.

We left early for the airport, as we wanted time to redeem our VAT (making my phone splurge just slightly less absurd). We were also both feeling pretty crappy after spending the hottest part of the day wandering around in the sun. Luckily, the Singapore airport can be a pretty relaxing and comfortable place. There's even a spa, which I was tempted by, and a movie theater.

I had a pretty bad headache that still hadn't gone away by the time we boarded. Of course, the flight attendant was only too happy to grab me some pain killers. And then check up on me like three times during the flight to make sure I was feeling better (I was). Definitely service one could get used to.