Singapore Day 3: Gardens by the Bay

Just on the other side of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel are the Gardens by the Bay (on Wikipedia). Like many other things in Singapore, the gardens were very impressive. We were initially greeted by the Supertree Grove:


The Supertrees are really neat. In additional to being trellises for vertical gardens, they also mimic real trees by collecting solar energy (via photovoltaic cells), collecting rainwater (for use in irrigation and fountains), and as air intake and exhaust towers. The yellow walkway you can see is the OCBC Skyway. Unsurprisingly (but unfamiliarly), tons of things in Singapore have corporate sponsorship. Including walkways in gardens.

To put the Supertree Grove in context, I grabbed a panorama.

From left to right: the Singapore Flyer (giant Ferris wheel), the Flower Dome, the Cloud Forest Dome, and the Supertree Grove.

Minor fear or heights aside, I decided we had to go up on the skyway. It just looked way too cool.

After the skyway we headed over to the Cloud Forest Dome, seeing some interesting things on the way.

The Cloud Forest Dome was really interesting (and pleasantly cool!). Inside is a 138 ft "mountain" that's covered with all sorts of plant life, has walkways jutting out of it into the air, and even has a waterfall coming down off the top. We were there just as the sun started setting, and the walkways looked really neat when lit up.

Next was the Flower Dome. Maybe something that we should have done earlier in the day, but still really beautiful at night. In some ways maybe even better. Not the best conditions for handheld photography, though, so we only took a few pictures.

After the Flower Dome we headed back to the Marina Bay Sands. On the way there we stopped at an overlook of the Gardens by the Bay, since they do a light show in the Supertree Grove twice nightly. Pictures (and video) of that below. Afterwards we wanted to go to the top of the hotel and were confronted with the choice of the observation deck or the rooftop bar. We opted for the bar, as it meant free admission (but insanely expensive drinks). Not sure it was the right choice, though drinking on top of the city was pretty cool, and the drinks themselves were very good. Our last night in Singapore ended well.