Singapore Day 2: Orchard Road

We got a late start to the day, having made up for lost sleep from the previous night. And, hey, we were on vacation. So lay off.

We grabbed lunch at this place called Freshly Baked. We had a perpetual debate between trying to find local stuff and going for more Western fare, which isn't so available in Bangladesh. We usually opted for the latter, which is a bit of a shame. We'll just have to visit again. Plus, I'm not sure "Live Frog in Clay Pot," as we saw advertised in Geylang, was exactly what we wanted.

Frustrated by my failed phone unlocking quest of the previous evening, I just decided to splurge on a new, unlocked phone. It seemed fitting, since Singapore life is, as far as I can tell, pretty much centered on working a lot and shopping a lot. A short while later, we left a Samsung store up one phone and down entirely too much money. There was an (open) Uniqlo in the same mall, so we checked that out. Unfortunately, they were mostly stocked for winter. Apparently down jackets are important for when it dips dangerously close to 70º F (seriously, I just looked up the lowest temperature ever recorded in Singapore: 66.9º F). But I guess it's all relative.

The rest of the afternoon was mostly spent wandering up and down Orchard Rd, probably the most famous of Singapore's many absurdly high-end and comprehensive shopping districts. I got to see all the stores that I've really only heard mentioned by Kanye or A$AP Rocky. Good times.

For the hell of it, we wandered into a couple fancy watch stores. Still being used to Taiwan currency, I started dividing everything by 30, and noted to Grace that, while expensive, they weren't that unreasonable. She gave me a weird look and I remembered that the Singapore dollar is at rough parity with the US dollar (about 1.3 SGD to USD). Yeah, those watches were expensive.

Wandering around outside we also ran into some interesting sculptures.

Eventually, the novelty wore off, and we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.