Singapore Day 1: Things I forgot

So I forgot to mention a few things from our first day.

First, having drinkable tap water is something very easy to take for granted until you don't have it at home. Then it becomes really cool.

Second, we visited Sim Lim Square (on Wikipedia) on a quest to get my old AT&T phone from the US unlocked. We ran into: people that couldn't (or claimed they couldn't) unlock it, people who wanted more than the value of the phone to unlock it, and people who could unlock it at a reasonable price as long as I surrendered it to them for 1-2 days. All in all, a failed quest. Still the shopping center itself was nuts. Six floors of electronics stores ranging from boutique to pretty shady. Everything from camera lenses to TVs to phones to serious gaming peripherals. Like Best Buy times a million. We ended up going back for a couple random things, including an airplane headphone to regular headphone adapter (this actually makes me very, very happy to have - I love my headphones and the airplane ones are pretty terrible). If Grace wasn't with me I'm not sure I'd have left there at all.