R&R: Arlington Part 2 (the interesting part)

Okay this will mostly be a bunch of pictures with just a little bit of verbiage to explain what in the world is going on (only particularly necessary for one set; you'll see).

First, a quick picture of Sebastian modeling his presents from Bangladesh.

He looks thrilled...

Next, the Chung trio doing their thing (this might soon be reduced to a single picture).

We had a family picnic the day before Memorial Day. Unfortunately Bruce had to depart just a bit before, but everyone else was there!

We had a bit of a photo shoot with Gabriel the next day. The idea was to recreate a picture taken of my grandfather (on my mom's side) when he was a baby.

Our last day in Arlington was Memorial Day. While Joyce had to leave before the cookout, our numbers were bolstered by a few friendly neighbors.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!