New York to Tokyo to Bangkok to Taipei

Not a whole lot to say here. Lost of flying, overnight at a hotel in Bangkok (was actually quite nice), some more flying.

Delta's in-flight entertainment was pretty great. Got to watch the entire first season of Silicon Valley, which I really enjoyed. Also watched a couple movies, including Neighbors. Grace and I attempted to sync our movies, which was surprisingly difficult. Mine seemed to play back about 5% faster. Weird. Like old computer games that are tied directly to the processor speed and therefore completely flip out on new machines. Also got about halfway through The Grand Budapest Hotel (as per my sister's recommendation), but didn't get to finish it. Unfortunate, as I was really enjoying it.

No real impressions of Bangkok. Cab from airport to hotel, sleep, breakfast at hotel, cab from hotel to airport. I'm sure we'll be back.

We flew EVA Air (Taiwanese airline) to Taipei. Apparently they are rather strict with luggage allowance and with our four suitcases at 50 lbs each we were way over. The overage fees were $15/kg. We were more than 40kg over the limit. So, yeah, that wasn't going to happen. Luckily, the Bangkok airport has a place you can leave luggage for about $3 per suitcase per day. It seems to be well run and trustworthy. Would recommend.

We managed to snag Exit Row seats (thanks to Grace's dad for calling EVA on our behalf; they technically have English speaking agents, but it can be hit or miss), but the seats were still... Taiwan-sized. Not the most comfortable, but the flight from Bangkok wasn't too long.