Last day in New York

Grace's work ran a bit late, so we didn't end up playing tourist for that long today. We visited the American Museum of Natural History. Natural history museums tend to get hilariously dated pretty quickly, and this was no exception. Still, there were some interesting highlights. One of the pieces of jewelry displayed was basically an exact copy of Grace's engagement ring, except about 28 times larger. A testament to her taste, if not our wealth. I learned lots of facts about minerals, all of which I have now forgotten (so, a lot like my semester of geology).

The highlight of the day was hanging out with my family. We got to walk along the waterfront with my sister and nephew on our way to meeting my brother-in-law for dinner. Toddlers walk pretty slowly and are easily distracted, so this took quite some time, but it was a lot of fun. And we got a ton of pictures.

Opposite the restaurant was the Irish Hunger Memorial. Very pretty; the pictures below don't really do it justice. Dinner was great, but the best moment was from just before: right in the middle of the entrance to the restaurant (as soon as you could hear the music they were playing), my nephew started an impromptu dance party of one. Luckily, people didn't seem to mind as they skirted past.