To New York!

We arrived in New York, NY on September 10, 2014. Travel from Washington, DC was pretty uneventful. Plane was surprisingly (and pleasantly) empty. Commenting on the available space for my unwieldy carcass will probably be a common theme of this blog. On landing, we got an email saying our luggage had been lost. A fairly inauspicious beginning to our travels. Particularly when paying $100 per extra bag. Halfway through filling out the lost baggage forms, though, we noticed them stacking up bags that looked a whole lot like ours right outside the window. Turns out they were ours. Whew. No more paperwork necessary.

It's hard not to feel absurd carting a massive amount of luggage everywhere. In addition to Grace's backpack and my messenger bag, we each had: one rolling carry-on, one large rolling suitcase, and one large rolling duffel. All four larger pieces of luggage were right on the 50 lbs limit. Anyway, all this gear makes getting around an airport, getting a cab, and similar much more of a hassle. Move along, Prius, you are inadequate for this task.

An hour or so and many tips (to compensate for said absurd baggage) later, we got to our hotel. Nothing too remarkable here, but nice enough. A bit cramped, but I imagine this is usual for Manhattan. Or at least Manhattan at less than $500/night.