River Cruise!

Okay, I realized it had been a long time since my last post. I didn't quite realize it had been over a month. Yikes. And the events covered here were from even earlier. Oh well.

We (not so) recently went on a river cruise with several other people from the Embassy community. I think they only have a few boats, but I understand they're all in the style of traditional Bengali river boats. Not sure if they're restored or replicas.

The river we traveled on was a little bit outside Dhaka. Not that that narrows it down much; there's a lot of water here. As expected, the car commute took quite some time, but it was worth it to get outside the grime and noise of the city.

The cruise itself was very relaxing. The boat (being in traditional Bengali style after all) was a bit cramped for someone who is not of a traditional Bengali size, but still quite comfortable, with half of it dedicated to picnic bench style seating and the other half covered in futon-esque cushions and pillows.

I don't have that much broad commentary to provide. Instead, I'll just comment in the gallery below. Enjoy!