Taiwan days three and four

Our third day was pretty unremarkable. Grace was feeling fairly sick, so we just took it easy in the morning and relaxed in the hotel for the afternoon.

The fourth day we headed out of Taipei down south where Grace's mom's family lives. We took the high speed train which was pretty awesome. Got to see a lot of the countryside with a lot more comfort, a lot less hassle, and barely any less speed than we'd have via flying. Something that would certainly be nice in the USA, though I doubt it will happen any time soon.

Grace's uncle picked us up from the train station and took us to his house where we were staying the night. At this point Grace was feeling even sicker than before, and finally consented to go to the doctor. We first went to a pretty basic clinic, but they sent her along to the hospital emergency room. Apparently a fever of 103ºF, convulsive fever chills, and numbness in your extremities necessitate urgent medical attention.

The hospital experience was actually pretty good. As far as hospital experiences go, I guess. Here are some pictures from after Grace was feeling better (but still pretending to be stricken in some of them).

Hilariously, when they were giving Grace her prescriptions, they were very careful to mention that one of the medicines was quite expensive. Since Grace is not a Taiwanese resident or citizen, she would have to pay out of pocket to the tune of TWD 1000. Or roughly USD 30. In other words, what one might be happy to pay for after insurance in the USA. Great system we've got there. The entire hospital stay was about USD 130, which included multiple lab tests and the administration of an IV.

After our hospital adventure we went out to dinner with most (but not all) of Grace's mom's side of the family.